I am a volunteer at Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW). I do some of their photography, design and management of the CLAW adoptions page <http://CLAWadoptions.org> I am an administrator on the CLAW Facebook page and am involved in helping to “market” CLAW, both the cause, their CLAWbies and their work (mainly through posters). I  network their CLAWbies (animals needing homes) on the web (email and internet) and in print posters. I am also an animal advocate and promote responsible pet ownership and pet education and the strong belief that “Adoption is the ONLY option”, until all the cages are empty and they all find homes (and there are no more unwanted dogs).  All my dogs are rescues and I have 2 adopted CLAW dogs, Herbie and Gumby. I am also a Paws for People Therapy Dog Handler (with my CLAW township rescue Gumby who has become a registered therapy dog). We have also fostered several CLAWbies in the past. I am also involved in Petsitting other people's animals during the holidays I have also developed a Pet education and animal advocacy website: