Helping Puppy Learn (and earn) his place (and space). 

Socialization to different people, social situations, dogs and other species is critical during the Puppy Stage from 3 weeks to 4 months of age - this is a formative age where puppies seem primed to bond with humans and other animals, and for learning that people, other dogs and animals, situations and everyday environmental stimuli are safe. 

Puppies that are not socialised tend to be fearful of unfamiliar people, other dogs, strange sounds, and new situations or environments. 

A well socialised pup will be a happier, more secure, self assured and confident dog.

Gumby (RHS) rescued by CLAW now a registered Paws for People Therapy Dog and  regularly  used in Puppy socialisation  

Taking RP's on outings to Walkhaven or other dog parks  helps provide them with wonderful socialisation opportunities (and they may even meet their future adoptive family)

 Herbie (rescued by CLAW) socialising with Golden Retriever puppy's not all just fun and games and sometimes Herbie needs to tell the puppy he needs to mind his manners!